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Coverage Of Ashutosh Sheshabalaya
Cimeira de Nova Deli: os BRICS vao passar das palavras aos atos ? (Expresso, Portugal, March 29, 2012).
Os BRIC mudaram o mundo - a grande transformacao geopolitica ocorrida na nossa geracao (Administradores, Brazil, January 15, 2012).
Previsees 2012: incerteza total sobre o ano do Dragao (Expresso, Portugal, December 31, 2011).
2011: Black Swans (Expresso, Portugal, December 31, 2010).
Quelques pistes pour vaincre le signe indien (Trends-Tendances, Belgium, May 27, 2010).
China revolucionou fluxos de investimento internacional. (Expresso, Portugal, September 25, 2009.
A crise depois da cimeira do G-20 ou o mundo a varias cores. (Expresso, Portugal, April 18, 2009).
Sera a Índia a Excepcao à crise? [Will India be an exception to the crisis ?] (Expresso and Geoscopio, Portugal, March 16, 2009).
Offshoring is shifting the Global Balance of Power [Book chapter], in Free Trade: Opposing Viewpoints (including chapters by Pat Buchanan, Jagdish Bhagwati and others). (Greenhaven Press. Detroit, 2009).
Crisis is kans voor Indiase ICT-sector (Trends, Belgium, November 27, 2008).
Talento de exportacao (Diogo Schelp, Veja, Brazil, July 16, 2008).
Distinguished Lecture for the Florida State University College of Law (Prof. Janet Neuman, Clark Law School, Portland, Oregon, Spring 2008).
'L’Inde surprendra, plus que la Chine: On ne peut mettre tous les pays BRIC dans le meme panier' (Rabobank, April 10, 2008).
'India zal verbazen, meer dan China' (Trends, Belgium, April 10, 2008). [Cover story and interview in print edition].View cover.
Índia regressa as compras (Expresso, Portugal, April 5, 2008).
"An emancipated view of the world economy" (QA Journal, Quality Assurance Institute, USA, April 2008).
Small car, big fuss - Has the West already missed the rise of a superpower ?(Irish Times, Ireland, February 11, 2008).
Whose World is Flat? Mapping the Globalization of Information Technology: John Muthyala (University of Southern Maine, USA, January 2008).
China Should Be Afraid of India's New $2,500 Car: William Pesek (Bloomberg, USA, January 23, 2008).
Of India, China, Apples and Oranges (Globalization and Venture Capital, Shantanu Bhagwat, Partner, Amadeus Capital, London, UK, January 15, 2008).
'50 Original Works in Sociology Since Its Birth' (Inglis/Bone: Social Stratification, Routledge, 2007).
Appropriating Identity or Cultivating Capital? Global English in Offshoring Service Industries (Anthropology of Work Review, USA, December 2007).
Inde et pays émergents,mode d’emploi (Trends-Tendances, Belgium, November 29, 2007).
India's SMEs - Europe's hidden opportunity (CreaWAL Summit, Government of Wallonia, Louvain-La-Neuve, Belgium, November 17, 2007). Television [Adobe Flash Player].
Information Technology Outsourcing (Advances in Management Information Systems, M.E Sharpe, October 31, 2007). Extracts: PDF.
Making Sense of the New India (Institute of Directors, London, United Kingdom, October 17, 2007). Video Interview [Quicktime].
IEUFP-FICCI Delegation visit to Brussels (India-European Union Forum of Parliamentarians, New Delhi, September 17-21, 2007).
O Elefante, o Dragao e o Urso (Prof. Mario Murteira, Founder-Director, Centro de Estudos Economia e Sociedade, former President of ISCTE Business School, Lisbon, Portugal, August 2007).
Ashutosh Sheshabalaya on knowhow as a factor of production, the role of 'borderless' finance and the major internal differences among the BRICs (Official Journal of the European Union, Brussels, Belgium, July 20, 2007).
Negocios Estrangeiros (Ministry of Foreign Trade, Lisbon, Portugal, July 2007).
New Service Development Process: Emerging versus Developed Markets (Dr. Ian Alam, State University of New York, Journal of Global Marketing, USA, June 26, 2007).
From brain drain to brain gain: reverse migration to Bangalore and Hyderabad, India’s globalizing high tech cities (Elizabeth Chacko, The George Washington University, USA, May 26, 2007).
The Second Great Divergence: The Rise of India and the Fall of the American Dream (Philip Goo, Emory University, USA, May 2007).
Value and supply chain development in a European and global context (European Economic and Social Committee, Brussels, April 25, 2007).
Immobility of Labour in the Age of Globalisation, ('Vikalpa', Journal of the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, India, April 2007).
Rising Elephant Recommended by Tehelka Editor (Tehelka, India, March 31, 2007).
Consultores europeus adoptam India [analysis of CapGemini] (Expresso, Portugal, March 17, 2007, and Janelana, March 2007).
EU biedt investeerders biobrandstof te weinig steun (Agripress, Belgium, March 8, 2007).
Comments from European Parliament presentation on renewable energy (Satu Hassi, MEP and former Finnish Minister, Belgium, March 6, 2007).
Information Systems in der nordamerikanischen Lehre im Zeitalter von zunehmendem IS-Offshoring, Claudia Loebbecke and Rudy Hirschheim (Wirtschafts Informatik, March, 2007).
Em conversa com o autor - Ashutosh Sheshabalaya (interview with globalization columnist and commentator Mafalda Avelar, Portugal, February 26, 2007).
Made in India in Expresso Top 10 (Expresso, Portugal, February 15, 2007).
Rising Elephant, Made in India and Gurusonline interview with Ashutosh Sheshabalaya official backgrounders on India for Portuguese President's State visit (Office of the President, Portugal, January 10-17, 2007).
Globalization: The 2006/07 Balance Sheet - 15 quotes from world leaders and commentators (The Globalist, USA: January 5, 2007,  and Macroscopio, Portugal, January 6, 2007).
The Three Rounds of Globalization by Ashutosh Sheshabalaya ranked first in 2006 list of Best of The Globalist Research Center (The Globalist, USA: January 3, 2007).
Free as in Swatantra: Free Software and Nationhood in India, (Michael Truscello, Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada, January 2007).
Frälsare eller förgörare?  (University of Stockholm, Sweden, January 2007).
The Three Rounds of Globalization introduced into curriculum of Department of Politics and Government (Illinois State University, USA, December 13, 2006).
Comment se faire racheter par un Indien (Tendances, Belgium: December 7, 2006).
India e o antidoto para a China (Expresso, Portugal: November 18, 2006).
Congresso das Comunicacoes arrancou ontem (Diário Tecnológico, Portugal: November 18, 2006).
Dinamica e a chave do sucesso nas telecomunicacoes (Vida Economica, Portugal: November 17, 2006).
India emerge com potencia em menos de 10 anos (Jornal de Negocios, Portugal: November 17, 2006).
16º Congresso da APDC analisa o que esta para alem da Sociedade da Informacao (RevisMarket, Portugal: November 15, 2006).
Onde esta o “Deng Xiao-ping” indiano (Geoscopio, Portugal: October 30, 2006).
India: 1975-2020 (Wolfsberg - TV, Switzerland: October 24, 2006).
India a proxima superpotencia económica e tecnologica, em livro (Administradores, Brazil: October 17, 2006).
O ataque da joia (Expresso, Portugal: September 13, 2006).
Rising Elephant recommended for universities (Required Reading, USA: September 2006).
Rising Elephant featured in Kellogg School of Management presentation (Northwestern University, USA: August 31, 2006).
India theme to continue at UBS thinktank after Lord Patten address (Wealth Management, Switzerland: August 2006).
From East to West- Has the Twain Met?  (Springer Link, Netherlands: Volume 19, No. 4, August 2006).
Synthesis report: EU conference on relocation ? (European Union, Belgium: June 29, 2006).
Cracks in the entente cordiale: Why is India resisting Chinese telecoms investment ? (China News, China: June 10, 2006).
Social Stratification (David Inglis, University of Aberdeen, UK: June 2006).
The International Community's Funding of the Tsunami Emergency and Relief (Earl Kessler, Asian Disaster Preparedness Center, Thailand: June 2006).
Genre variation and minority ethnic identity (Discourse & Society, USA: June 2006).
Higher Education in India: Seizing the Opportunity (Indian Council for Research on International Economic Relations, India: May 2006).
Blinded by the Neoliberal Agenda: India's Market Transition Failure, (New Political Science, Immanuel Ness, City University of New York, USA: March 2006).
Overleeft de Antwerpse diamant de concurrentie vanuit India? (Kanaal Z television, Belgium: March 20, 2006).
De Indiase tycoons komen eraan, ook in België (Trends, Belgium: March 18, 2006).
Reality Check: (The Telegraph, India: March 7, 2006).
From cost savings to value (European Leaders Network, UK: February 10, 2006).
Wage increases in "India": Implications (Datamation, USA: February 8, 2006).
Mittal-Arcelor : un groupe mondialisé à la conquête de la Vieille Europe (Tendances, Belgium: February 2, 2006).
Is the sky falling or are we just standing on higher ground (Turning Point, USA: February 2006).
The Rising Elephant and the Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid (Prof. Alan Barrell, UK: January 5 2006).
Report to US Congress on impact of offshoring (National Academy of Public Administration, USA: January 2006).
Os Gurus da Gestatilde o do seacute c. XXI (Anicleide, Brazil: December 14, 2005).
India: Ascendendo ao estádio mundial em I&D (Centre Atlantico, Portugal: December 2005).
O 'casamenteiro' dos dois poderes "suaves" (Centre Atlantico, Portugal: November 2005).
Rising Elephant (Political Affairs, USA: November, 2005).
Mon voisin est un informaticien indien (Tendances, Belgium: September 15, 2005).
India e USA alla guerra di cervelli (La Sicilia, Italy: September 10, 2005).
I cervelli fuggono (Il Secolo XIX, Italy: September 6, 2005).
New Business and Global Consciousness (Auroville Radio, India: September 2-4, 2005).
As Bangalore overshadows Silicon Valley (Daily Times, Pakistan: September 2, 2005).
Die Aus-Wanderung der Softwareproduktion (Universitat Erlangen-Nurnberg, Germany: July 2005).
Indien er kommet for at blive (ComputerWorld, Denmark: June 3, 2005).
Índia - O Elefante Emergente (Administradores, Brazil: June 2, 2005).
&India foi às compras na Europa e nos Estados Unidos (Expresso, Portugal: May 21, 2005).
Advantage India (The Hindu, India: May 17, 2005).
An India Shining in IT (Business World, India: May 2, 2005).
The geopolitical impact of India's IT-fuelled rise (Far Eastern Economic Review, Hong Kong: May 2005).
A Joia de Coroa contra-ataca (Janelana, Portugal: May 2005).
We zijn te provincialistisch bezig (Trends, Belgium: April 7, 2005).
Hoe moet u outsourcen naar India en China (Trends, Belgium: April 7, 2005).
Rising economic force India gaining from US Job Losses (The Journal News, USA: March 27, 2005).
Conference on the Indian Ocean Tsunami - School of International and Public Affairs (Columbia  University, USA: March 4, 2005).
Speech by BJP President and former Indian Deputy Prime Minister L.K Advani: India Tomorrow (BJP.org, India: February 26, 2005).
Why India ? A Backgrounder (High Commission of India in Canada: Press Briefing by Foreign Secretary Shyam Saran and Indian Navy Vice Admiral Raman Puri: February 9, 2005).
Book on Indian tech jobs assault remains at top of Amazon rankings (Shared Services and BPO Association: February 8, 2005).
Elephunk (Economic Times, India: February 6, 2005).
Intian hyvã kierre vahvistuu (Talouselämä, Finland: January 27, 2005).
Het nieuwe Silicon Valley ligt in India (De Tijd, Belgium: January 25, 2005).
Authorspeak: Rider on the Fast Track (India Today, India: January 24, 2005).
Voces Invitadas: (Vanguardia, Spain: January 20, 2005).
The Rise of India (Money Today, Korea: January 19, 2005).
L'Asie doit prendre toute sa place dans les institutions internationales (Le Monde, France: January 18, 2005).
Die Asiaten sind im Kommen (Die Welt, Germany: January 7, 2005).
Asia's post-tsunami future (Jakarta Post, Indonesia: January 7, 2005).
Inder suchen Geschäft mit dem Mittelstand (Handelsblatt, Germany: January 5, 2005).
Twenty Sixth International Conference on Information Systems (University of Cologne, Germany: 2005).
Hindiya: Maroodiga soo koroya (Council of Imams, USA, Kenya, Somalia: 2005).
Author traces rise of India (Asia-Africa Intelligence Wire: December 31, 2004).
When it comes to IT, India rules (Economic Times, India: December 23, 2004).
Lateral Point (Financial Express, India: December 2, 2004).
Understanding the 'New India' (Sulekha, USA: October 2004).
Rebel with a Cause (BITSAA, India: October 2004).
The French folly on Global Competition, South China Morning Post, Hong Kong: September 22, 2004).
L'Avenir du Java est-il en Inde ? (Datanews, Belgium: June 27, 2003).
Le souffle indien (Inside Internet, Belgium: May 2002).
EN COUVERTURE: Outsourcing - Le monde vous offre ses cerveaux (Tendances, Belgium: June 21, 2001).
De brug tussen India en België (De Tijd, Belgium: May 15, 2001).
Les informaticiens indiens ne sont pas les plus nombreux, ils sont les meilleurs (L'Echo, Belgium: April 24, 2001).


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